People Analytics


Our science is the science of selection.

We like dynamic professionals, and we are always looking to find what makes national security professionals dynamic in their respective fields. Our people analytics department does just that. Connecting leading-edge science in analytical testing with psychometric and biometric measurements, our team of data scientists, statisticians, and applied psychologists streamlines any organisation's selection process.

Using our bespoke battery of precision testing, our custom approach to selection is tailored to meet any client's performance requirements. This pioneering process leverages the real-time mapping of personality traits to determine what profile an organisation needs to optimize talent, human performance, and mental resilience.

Obtaining insights from supervised machine learning, we assess hundreds and thousands of data points to select only the best and most competent candidates - all of which is benchmarked against industry best practice throughout the region. People analytics gives decision and policy makers the insights needed to motivate and influence dynamic performance at all levels of their organisation.


Knowledge Management


We are educators and innovators, above all else.

We also believe that developing training solutions, which inspire curiosity and a deep understanding of the UAE's national security environment, is how to best prepare next-generation professionals. Our knowledge management team brings together a diverse range of subject matter experts to create the most comprehensive curriculum and training platforms taught in any national security space in the UAE.

Challenging our learners to excel in the classroom is the best way to prepare them for the challenges they will ultimately face in the real world.

Not only teaching the fundamentals and advanced skills needed to be successful, but we also design our training solutions to be responsive and agile -- always meeting the strategic needs of the UAE wherever they might arise. The next-generation professional will face unprecedented challenges in an asymmetric security environment that is rapidly evolving. Understanding just how quickly a nation's priorities can change, we work diligently to ensure that all of our products are relevant, timely, and on the forward edge of were, regional events are moving.

*All of our curriculums are SAT (systems approach to training) compliant and delivered with accompanying training and technical manuals.

Project Delivery


Our people are our power.

Creating the highest caliber training solutions for the next generation national security professional is only the beginning. We also manage the implementation and delivery of almost a hundred different courses with professionals and instructors from the world's most elite agencies and cutting-edge global industries. The deep subject matter expertise held by our project delivery team represents the full spectrum of knowledge and learning required to be successful in any contemporary national-security environment.

Working in partnership with the UAE government, our project delivery team graduates thousands of students and mid-career national security professionals on a yearly basis. Once successfully graduated, these candidates are not only prepared to face a region in complex change but have the competitive skills needed to address the long-term strategic impacts of national security.

Language Support


Everything we do is about precision language.

Our linguists and interpreters don't just translate, they are also creators and facilitators, acting as the cultural bridge between our instructors and learners. Integrated into all aspects of our work, we employ 75 full-time English-to-Arabic language support professionals. Beyond just translation, our language support team ensures that each of our translations is relevant to the organisational culture and context in which they will be used.

When working in national security spaces, we leave nothing to interpretation.

Given our readiness to surge any translation requirement, we can scale into any large project or meet any client need in near real-time. We offer language support services to organisations, institutions, and government agencies that are developing and creating projects in both the public and private sectors. We also offer discreet legal translation services throughout the UAE for entities doing business in sensitive spaces.

Group Security


We do more than just identify threats; we build cultures of risk management.

In a region that is becoming more complex, we leave nothing to chance. Ensuring the safety and well-being of staff, materiality, and those of our partner organisations will always be our number one priority. We also know that threats materialise in the most unlikely of spaces, at the most inconvenient times. With an active operational security team available 24 -7/365, we deliver the highest quality threat assessments, risk mitigations, and group security innovations across all of our project departments and locations.

Each of our enterprise risk managers has extensive experience conducting assessments, audits, and investigations, along with implementing supporting policies and procedures in the most demanding geographies, with some of the world’s biggest companies. Successfully embedding expert advisors into any organisational structure, our goal is to build cultures of risk management from the inside.