why Beacon red?

Taking Risks


Are you ready to think unconventionally about national security? Are you willing to disrupt the status quo, which no longer reflects the complex national security challenges of the 21st Century? Do you have a background in national security, intelligence, foreign policy, law enforcement, defence, technology, analysis, or experience in leading-edge industries? 

If the answer is yes, then you belong with us. 

We are always looking to expand our growing team of risk takers, disrupters, and innovators. Our team comes from 25 different countries, from some of the world’s most elite agencies and global industries.

Team Beacon


We never accept complacency. Our corporate culture embodies an unrelenting sense of urgency, purpose, and teamwork. Which is why we only take the highest performing individuals dedicated to professional excellence. Those who can lead with more than just words, but also action.

There is no single profile for what makes a person successful at BEACON RED. What matters most, is not your previous affiliation, but your desire to be part of something greater.

Industry Disruption


The world has changed. The region has changed. Our thinking about national security also has to change. When we think about national security, we think about disrupting the status quo, challenging an industry that has failed to evolve. We want you to think audaciously about complexity and to be agile and responsive, to be a thought leader willing to take on bold challenges in any environment, wherever they might be found. 

Your job will be to think dynamically, always challenging and inspiring our clients and partners to be transformative and forward facing.

Our Culture


To always be on the forward edge of ideation, methods, and the application of emerging technologies in training


To constantly challenge the complacency of the national security establishment


To overcome obstacles in any environment by building networks of global professionals from leading agencies and industries


To be adaptive to dynamic circumstances with speed and precision, in changing environments




In addition to pay that’s at the top of the industry, our compensation programme includes a generous holiday policy. We also provide a housing allowance, comprehensive medical insurance, paid annual leave, flight tickets and other benefits.

Training and Development


With advanced technology at our core, we stimulate an environment of continuous learning. While you’ll learn lots from your work and your colleagues, we also provide a world-class programme of in-house and external training and professional development, including international opportunities.

Health and WellBeing


At BEACON RED, we provide comprehensive health insurance and support a healthy work-life balance. We organise health check-ups and healthy living campaigns, and encourage individual and group sport activities.

About The UAE

About The UAE

The UAE – United Arab Emirates – is an ultra-modern country on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula, comprising seven different emirates. Abu Dhabi is the capital. Founded in 1971, the nation has undergone a transformational evolution over almost 50 years of growth and development. As a leading international crossroads, it is now home to more than 9.5 million people, with a reputation for the warmth of its welcome. The UAE has the second-largest economy (after Saudi Arabia) among the six Gulf Cooperation Council nations and has a truly cosmopolitan outlook.



As the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a city of nearly 2 million people. In all, people of more than 175 nationalities live in the Emirate – which is geographically the largest of the UAE’s emirates. It also is home to the country’s vast oil and gas reserves. A regional centre of finance, commerce, tourism and culture, Abu Dhabi hosts international names such as Louvre, New York University, Paris Sorbonne, Ferrari and Guggenheim.

One of the safest cities in the world, Abu Dhabi is a comfortable and easy place to live, offering countless opportunities, whether you are single, married or have children.

From soaring mountains and endless ochre-tinged deserts to sparkling blue seas and white sandy beaches, Abu Dhabi offers enormous outdoor choices. Cultural opportunities abound, from concert series, art programmes and museums to traditional markets, cultural festivals, amusement parks and shopping malls. What’s more, the many attractions of Dubai are just 90 minutes away via a modern expressway.

Enjoy A Challenge